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Munga / Coral Gemstone


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Coral Gemstone is related to planet Mars.It's colour is red.In astrology Mars/Mangal is considered to be the chief of the nine planets.It is also personified as the god of war.Coral is also known as the gemstone of Aries and Scorpio.

Coral is obtained from the Sea and it comes in different colors i.e red,saffron, pink to vermilion red,black and white.Indian name of Coral is 'Moonga'.Moonga is that of deep red color.Scientifically, it is a component of calcium carbonate.It is believed that the person who wears red coral gemstone will get rid of all the malefic effects of Mars in Horoscope. Red Coral Stone(Moonga) makes the native courageous and a conqueror of his enemies.Coral removes obstacles in the way of their fortunes and increases their influences. 

Moonga, red and sindoori (vermilion) in color.The use of the coral gemstone in jewellery dates back to the romans who considered it auspicious worn in amulets.Because of it auspiciousness,the coral,through not a precious stone,has been given a coveted place in Navaratnas.A good coral is opaque red,is perfectly round or oval and regular;is smooth,and gives out lovely splendorous.It is flawed if it is spotted,cracked,has more than one shade of color or the surface is anyway depressed or twisted.

The coral gemstone has medicinal properties and is used in the complications of the lungs,stomach,blood circulation and heart.Coral stone also has some mystical power that can handle the madness and can ward off evil spirits.

The coral is part of the First Chakra,that of Racine.This chakra is strengthened and regulated by the coral,which leads to a way of life more calm and balanced.The Root Chakra plays a role in bone formation and hematopoiesis.

Red coral is always effective for anemia, impaired circulation and blood flow.Its action is remarkable in deficiency disorders due to food erroneous,infertility and other disorders.It provides a great comfort in depressions and has a calming effect.It strengthens the heart and tranquilise same time.The white coral, meanwhile, is active in the bone disease rickets.Black coral protects us while traveling and fighting negative energies.The coral gives us both stability and flexibility.It strengthens our powers of visualization and assists us in many meditation techniques.Coral helps the body to clear cholesterol from the circulatory system by enhancing the production and absorption of niacin into the physical body. 


Ruling Planet  :  Mars
Indian Name  :  Moonga,Munga
Wearing Day  :  Tuesday 


"om kraam kreem kroum sah bhaumaya namah"

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