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Ruby stone gets its name from its color, from the Latin word "Rubeus".It symbolizes courage,charity and divine love".These are the rarest precious stones as well as colored and clear crystals extremely hard to find in the deposits.It is said that Ruby is "the most precious stone God created".

Surya Ratna Manikya is very useful for people with Leo Sign.It is very useful for increasing strength,encouragement,problems of eyes,control of anger,heart disease, head disease, self-respect, to increase family-name.

Original ruby gemstone is naturally associated with courage.It is a royal insignia that kings wear on their crown or on their helmet.It protects the knight injuries and keeps it healthy.By extension,the ruby gemstone has the power to combat bleeding.Associated with passion,it is supposed to calm the anger and protect seductions.Ruby is also the symbol of victory there,charity and love.In its raw state,ruby,often rolled is greasy.Once cut, its brightness is close to that of diamond.Although less hard than diamond,the ruby is less fragile because it has no cleavage plane.

Color is the first criteria value of rubies.The most popular color is a bright red called "pigeon blood red".After color, the other factors affecting the value of a ruby are the size, purity and size.Purity is a very important factor: a ruby is more transparent and flawless, more valuable it is.Ruby is generally oval cut way for greater transparency. 

The rubies of over 5 carats are rare.The origin of the most beautiful pieces is a mine located in historic Myanmar, Burma.It is also found in Cambodia,Thailand,India & Kenya.

Offer food to 1 or 2 Pandits and fold your hands in front of Surya.


Ruling Planet  :  Sun
Indian Name  :  Manikya
Wearing Day  :  Sunday

Ruby gemstone (Manikya) is good for purity & cleanliness.On Sunday-morning, ring should be dipped in the raw milk. Afterwards washing it with water, keep it on red cloth & pour some red Chandan & Kesar with some flowers and recite this Surya mantra 101 times. Offer food to 1 or 2 Pandits and fold your hands in front of Surya.


"Om grini surya namah"

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