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Katehla / Amethyst


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The name of this stone "Amethyst" comes from the Greek word amethustos that means not drunk and was thought to protect drinkers get drunk.The Greeks and Romans actually made cuts to the minerals to protect drinkers.It was also said that the gemstone would protect the wearer against seduction.It is very useful for people with Aquarius & Capricorn Sign.It is a stone of divine love.It is very useful for removing tension or migraine related problems. 

Katehla / Amethyst - Violet Purple in color, The Amethyst is a gem of a gloss and excellent transparency. It is found in many forms of size. Amethyst is the gemstone for those born in February,but others can also wear it.

Some believe that Amethyst stone is useful against drug addiction and is said to bring inner strength, calm, peaceness and stability.It has been used against various psychic attacks.Many use it to open communication with angels and other psychic work.Some use it to promote the happiness of the individual. Amethyst Stones are used by medical practitioners of the new age to help overcome problems,immune to fatigue,arthritis,headaches and healing in general.

The Amethyst is a variety of quartz ,transparent to translucent,distinguished by its purple color due to the presence of iron in the crystal lattice.

Original amethyst gemstone (Kathela ratna) not simply protect you,it brings good luck,happiness and attract wealth, promote your progress on the spiritual plane.Paradoxically, if the couple is already formed, it encourages loyalty and mutual trust in love. 

Amethyst is a birthstone associated with the month of February and the sign of Pisces.It is also known as conducive to the Zodiac signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.Amethyst connects and balance the physical, mental,emotional & the spiritual body.This stone cleans the aura and stimulates the chakras of the throat and coronal.Amethyst Gemstone is also effective in fighting against addictions and blockages.

The Benefits and virtues of Amethyst Stone (Jamunia) Amethyst is symbol of wisdom and power, its element is water. Amethyst would develop the powers of concentration, intuition, memory and would be beneficial to meditation.This powerful stone protects against negative energy-laden environments.It gives mental harmony & peaceness.Wear it in the middle finger of right hand on Saturday after washing it in Holy Ganga water or raw milk between 3 pm to 5 pm .

Amethyst and its effects on emotional and psychological behavior.

1) This stone is known for its actions against anxiety, stress, insomnia and various addictions. 

2) Natural tranquilizer, it is excellent against anxiety, emotional stress.

3) Dissolves tensions or psychic attacks by transforming energy "love".

4) Develops the will and motivation.

5) Improves the integration of new ideas makes the relationship between cause and effect.

6) Combat poisoning and addiction (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, coffee ...)


Indian Name: Katela, Katehla,Jamunia 
Wearing Day : Saturday


"Om pra pri pro sa sanhay namah".

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